2017 Middle School Team Challenge

Principal Dr. Marc Ferris kicked off the annual North Shore Middle School Team Challenge to a gymnasium filled with enthusiastic students, faculty and staff. The annual Team Challenge consists of a wide variety of fun-filled events combining academic, athletic and artistic skills. Dr. Ferris introduced the 2017 teams including Green Lightening, RedRocketeers, Scooby Dooby Blue, The Americans, Blazing Barbarians, Cranium Crushers, Slim Shady, Double Trouble, and Black Out to a thunderous round of applause!  Principal Dr. Ferris said, “Earlier in the day, students participated in some of the best cheers, songs, and lip sync routines we have ever seen! In addition, our new engineering challenge was also a great success!”

The Team Challenge is traditionally a favorite event at the middle school. It enables students to demonstrate their creative, social, and athletic abilities learned during the first part of the school year. It builds on their already strong teamwork skills and eases the tension that often goes along with an extremely rigorous middle school academic program. Sportsmanship and acts of kindness are always rewarded!

Dr. Ferris concluded by saying, “As students finished the day at our closing ceremonies, I shared with them that I understand what it is like to put everything you have into something and still not win. That while losing hurts, it also builds character!  I knew that after the winners were announced, there would be some disappointed students.  However, as they all hugged and shook hands, I couldn't help but feel extremely proud of them all. They really did put everything they had into the challenges they faced and             in the end, students walked away feeling pretty good inside about the 2017 North Shore Middle School Challenge.”



Article and photos by Shelly Newman

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