NSMS Theater Class Brings Surprise Performances to Glen Head 

In the hours before spring break, the seventh grade theater students surprised three Glen Head Elementary School classes with a theatrical interpretation of a familiar text.  Kindergarteners, first graders, and second graders were initially intrigued and confused as to why older students had entered their classroom unexpectedly, but they soon recognized the scene unfolding in front of them. This is called Guerrilla Theater — a surprise performance of a piece of literature the audience has read.

Leading up to the performances, the theater students worked in groups to select the most meaningful scenes from titles given to them by the elementary classroom teachers. They then casted, scripted, and rehearsed each scene and gave each other helpful feedback along the way.

Seventh grader, Anna LeSolliec, reflected on the experience saying, “We did a lot of work to prepare for Guerrilla Theater, but it was all worth seeing the looks on the kids’ faces. It was rewarding.”  Brook Marzlock added, “It was emotional seeing my kindergarten teacher, and Guerilla Theater was an exciting new experience.”

All those involved found a new way to engage with literature and an opportunity to think, learn, and communicate with a wide range of North Shore students.

Article and photos submitted by Mr. Seth Gordon, MS Humanities Teacher Leader


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