Central Office Directory: 

Dr. Edward Melnick, Superintendent of Schools
melnicke@northshoreschools 277-7801

Betty Ciampi,
Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools

Ciampib@northshoreschools.org 277-7801

Rob Chlebicki,
Asst. Superintendent for Instruction

chlebickir@northshoreschools.org 277-7810

Joan Gargano,
Secretary to the Asst. Superintendent for Instruction

garganoj@northshoreschools.org 277-7810

Olivia Buatsi,
Asst. Superintendent for Business

buatsio@northshoreschools.org  277- 7815

Lois Straber,
Secretary to the Assist. Superintendent for Business

straberl@northshoreschools.org  277-7815

John Hall,
Director Facilities & Operations

hallj3@northshoreschools.org  277-7835

Mathew Cheravallil,
Asst. to Director of Facilities & Operations

cheravallilm@northshoreschools.org  277-7835

Janet Bates-Wilkins,
Asst. Business Manager

bateswilkinsj@northshoreschools.org  277-7832 

Haleh Stamatiadi,

Stamatiadih@northshoreschools.org 277-7829

Karen Stern,
Account Payable

sternk@northshoreschools.org  277-7828

Jean McNamara,
Accounts Payable

mcnamaraj@northshoreschools.org 277-7830

George Ehmann,
Accounts Payable

ehmanng@northshoreschools.org 277-7855

Roxanne DeVito,

devitor@northshoreschools.org 277-7825

Americo Mendes,

mendesa@northshoreschools.org 277-7826

Donna Henderson,

hendersond@northshoreschools.org 277-7820

Pat Lerch,

lerchp@northshoreschools.org 277-7821

Shelly Newman,
Public Relations Director/Senior Illustrator
School Website

newmans@northshoreschools.org 277-7840

Katherine Miller,

millerk@northshoreschools.org 277-7824

Katherine Miller,

millerk@northshoreschools.org 277-7843
Transportation Department
Supervisor: Michelle Hall, Assistant
340 Shore Road
Glenwood Landing, NY 11547
All other personnel at the North Shore Schools
can be found on the individual school homepages
in the Directory & Numbers section
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school website, please contact Shelly Newman at



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