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Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Edward Melnick
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
Mr. Robert Chlebicki
Assistant Superintendent for Business
Ms. Olivia Buatsi
Central Office Secretary
Betty Ciampi
Central Office Secretary
Joan Gargano
Central Office Secretary
Lois Straber

Mr. Christopher Zublionis
Main Office Secretary
Candy Capobianco
Main Office Secretary
Liz Howell

Computer Technology
 Mr. Elliot Kaye
Elementary Humanities
 Ms. Devra Small
Elementary STEM
 Dr. Carol Smyth
Fine & Performing Arts
Ms. Dalia Rodriguez
Foreign Language
Ms. Toni Macdonald
Physical Education
Mr. Don Lang
Public Relations
Ms. Shelly Newman
Special Education
Mr. Thomas Korb

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Email Links
Adelglass, Danielle adelglassd@northshoreschools.org
Arena, Doug
Brottenberg, Dawn
Capobianco, Candy
Cherry, Meredith cherrym@northshoreschools.org
Considine, Bob
Cooper, Rozi
Cunneen, Kim
Dahl, Dorian
Daley, Lissa
DeFeo, Lindsay defeol@northshoreschools.org
Desmond, Linda
Dowd, Melissa dowdm@northshoreschools.org
Farrell, Mary
Glickman, Julie glickmanj@northshoreschools.org
Guidotti, Wendy guidottiw@northshoreschools.org
Helig, Peter
Hill, Jason hillj@northshoreschools.org
Hill, Mary
Howell, Elizabeth
Kaye, Adrien kayea1@northshoreschools.org
Ketcham, Gary
Kranz, Michelle
Lanzilotta, Joyce
Liberman, Heather
Makowski, Arlene
Marteena, Chiovan marteenac@northshoreschools.org
Mazur, Jennifer
Mazza, Marie
McAssey, Meredith mcasseym@northshoreschools.org
McCormack, Megan mccormackm@northshoreschools.org
McGovern, Jennifer
O'Donnell, Jean Marie
O'Keefe, Kim okeefek@northshoreschools.org
Olsen, Sabina
Pantaleo, Rita pantaleor@northshoreschools.org
Pasi-Knox, Diane
Pipala, Elizabeth
Rizzo, Audra rizzoa@northshoreschools.org
Rizzo, Joe
Robles, Roxsi roblesr@northshoreschools.org
Rosen, Dahlia rosend@northshoreschools.org
Schultz,David schultzd@northshoreschools.org
Terranova, Gia
Victoria, Pat
Wainer, Isabelle
Waring, Lynda
Warner, Pat
Weiner, Melissa
Wenz, Karen

Email Links
Dima, Lilah

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Roseann Blackburn

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